The InfoBoard Service is a web-based solution that offers various SMS facilities with different functions and capabilities catering to the needs of your community.
With the InfoBoard, you can:

  • Receive feedback, comments, suggestions, queries and other user-specific messages straight to email, internet inbox or any specified Smart mobile number
  • Provide general information, advisories, announcements
  • Provide user-specific data like grades, accounts dues, account details, follow-ups, etc.
  • Conduct polls and surveys and provide real time results
  • Create customized SMS solutions
  • Text broadcast to pre-registered Smart subscribers


  • Quick and easy activation
  • Personalized access code - Ex. 700XXX
  • No special hardware or software required – Only a computer with internet access is needed
  • Completely independent – clients can activate keywords and/or services through their own access
  • Managed and controlled directly by Smart Communications Inc.
  • For clients, it is totally FREE.


  1. Completely accomplished and signed Service Enrollment Form (SEF)
  2. Standard Proof of Identification (POI) of the authorized signatory
  3. Standard Proof of Address (POA)
  4. Other documents:
    • Partnership and Sole Proprietorship - DTI Registration and Business Permit
    • Corporation - Corporate Secretary Certificate / Board Resolution, SEC Registration and By Laws, Articles of Incorporation
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