Make Money Online Selling – Become a Guru

Easy! Make money online selling, the system couldn’t be simpler! You build your list and you send out valuable information to the list in the form of newsletters. This valuable information helps your members build trust in you. You need them to look up to you and value your opinion as the expert or guru you have set yourself up as. With this status when you recommend a product to this list; people are more likely to buy from you because of this trust they place in you.

Think about it; Peter and Paul have a list and they are both trying to sell a product teaching people how to make money using social media. Peter sends out a newsletter to his list with not much more than the basic product he is trying to sell mentioned in the email. However Paul sends out his newsletter discussing how powerful social media can be to make money online selling and then he mentions a product that he found very helpful for doing this. Who do you think will sell more? That answer is simple. Paul has shown value to his subscribers and has earned their trust and so they are more likely to buy from him. oglasi za posao

Business online and off are pretty much the same in this sense, you build a relationship with your customers and they will have little difficulty buying from you because when you, a figure of authority recommend a product, they trust this product is going to be good. That’s why it’s also good to put your photograph on your blog, social media or wherever you make money online selling.

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